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Chimento Design is dedicated to those who love modern design associated with attention to detail typical of the classical style


Chimento Design is innovation, uniqueness ed elegance.


Chimento Design has a fashionable, smart and minimal style, where simplicity and material strength are enhanced by simple but elegant lines.

The shape of the object and its usage, become functional in the modern concept of living, a place which regains comfort, refinement and well-being. Chimento defines spaces according to different styles of life, place features, and different tastes. Chimento Design is perfect for those who love a modern design which do not lose the attention to detail typical of the classical style. Chimento Design is innovation, uniqueness and elegance.



Your luxurious furnishings modeled like in your dreams, declined on your space, on your needs and especially on your tastes. A real atelier of luxury, where your ideas and your dreams can finally become a reality. DISCOVER INTERIOR COLLECTION
The ultimate place for relaxation. It has become, progressively, a place for escape and research of inner well-being. This is the starting point of Chimento Design, born with the philosophy that bathroom furniture should be an important aspect in defining the personality of the person and his home. DISCOVER BATHROOM COLLECTION